Guo-wei Xuan | Fan Rui-qiang

Herpes Zoster and Fungal Skin Infections CPCM

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

  • Verlag: People Medical Publishing House
  • ISBN: 9787117106702
  • 2009, 174 pages


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This well-organized and comprehensive clinical series is characterized by important diseases, it provides detailed western disease information and Chinese clinical treatment effective for each specific disease. These books also discuss, in detail, related quotes of classical TCM literature and clearly narrate the modern clinical experience of renowned physicians, thus enabling the practitioner to become more adept at using Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.


Fan Rui-qiang

Fan Rui-qiang

Chief Physician & Professor of Chinese External Medicine, Guangzhou University.

Guo-wei Xuan

Guo-wei Xuan

Chief Physician & Professor of External Medicine, Guangzhou University.