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Hunyuan Fertility

Conception, Babies, and Miracles

  • ISBN: 9781620505083
  • 2012, 224 pages


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Using ancient Chinese medicine to cure infertility and improve health, renowned practitioner Yaron Seidman demonstrates how patients can use the Hunyuan Method to dramatically increase their ability to conceive in a healthy, natural way.
A 23-year Chinese medicine and fertility expert Yaron Seidman taps into the ins and outs of fertility from an angle never seen before. In Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies, and Miracles, joined by Tristin McLaren L.Ac., Dr. Seidman reveals deficiencies and dangers in the contemporary infertility treatment approach, both east and west, including IVF technologies, hormone medications and modern Chinese medicine, and instead offers a much healthier and natural approach.
In this book Seidman and McLaren explore the ancient Chinese truths of unification-separation, adaptation to natural cycles and how these relate to ovulation, conception and creation of healthy future generations.

An IVF specialist and president of Pacific Coast Reproductive Society, Paul C Magarelli, MD, Ph.D. writes in the book’s foreword: “Hunyuan is a song with many notes that sound discordant until the words, meanings and intentions fuse. It is not a How To book of treating fertility nor is it giving words that will rock your world. It simply pleads for us to return to what we know, know from the heart and not the mind. It begs in impassioned terms for individuals to contemplate, live simply, sleep, follow the natural patterns of spring, summer, fall and winter and act with upright intention. Simple and to the point –NOT! I was curious, defensive, and critical of this work and then it happened…I understood.“

Yaron Seidman DAOM is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, licensed acupuncturist and an Associate in Research at Harvard University. He received his doctorate from Five Branches University in San Jose, CA following a 2-year program and a 300-hour IVF clinic internship. He is married with three little children, and keeps his fertility practice in Greenwich and Weston, Connecticut, USA.
Tristin McLaren L.Ac. is an acupuncturist, herbalist and child birth educator. She maintains her practice just east of Seattle, WA.




Yaron Seidman

Yaron Seidman

Yaron Seidman, DAOM, L.Ac., gründete im Jahr 2002 die Hunyuan Medizin und die Hunyuan Fruchtbarkeitsmethode. Mit seinen Kenntnissen der klassischen chinesischen und westlichen Medizin erfand der versierte Akupunkturpraktiker eine Behandlung, die sowohl zukunftsorientiert als auch in der alten Vergangenheit begründet ist. Dr. Seidman, seit 23 Jahren Gelehrter für chinesische Medizin,…