Carol Anthony | H. Moog

I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way

  • ISBN: 9781890764005
  • 2010, 608 pages


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This new version of the I Ching is radically different from traditional versions, in that the contradictions created by overwritings, particularly by scholars of the Confucian school, have been identified and separated from the oracle text. Over a period of four years, asking thousands of questions and using the Retrospective-Three-Coin Method, the authors queried the Sage–the Oracle of the I Ching–to verify with a Yes/No answer if their understanding of the lines and hexagrams was correct. The reader who learns from this book how to use this method of querying the Oracle will have the advantage of being able to verify for themselves whether the Cosmic view the authors have shown is correctly rendered. For the authors this method of study and query removed from their own minds misunderstandings that stood in the way of their finding, exploring, and developing the wonders of their own natures.

Their impression grew that the Oracle wanted to liberate them, and humans generally, from the mindset of the young fool, a reflection of the cultural training to be shepherded throughout life by human authorities, and to help seekers grow into fully responsible, fully realized beings. To the authors, consulting the I Ching does not mean consulting a book of ancient wisdom, rather it means consulting the Oracle of the I Ching as an alive consciousness that wishes to communicate in the context of the enquirer’s time and circumstances. This is a wonderful and different exposition the I Ching, full of richly rewarding insights and thoughtful discussions.

Die deutsche Übersetzung ist ebenfalls erhältlich.


Carol Anthony

Carol Anthony

Carol K. Anthony blickt auf 35 Jahre I-Ging-Praxis zurück und leitet zusammen mit Hanna Moog The I Ching Institute in Stow bei Boston. Aus ihrer Zusammenarbeit entstand eine neue Version des I Ging, die unter dem Titel I Ging – Das Kosmische Orakel erschienen ist. Seit zehn Jahren widmen sich…

H. Moog

H. Moog

Hanna Moog hat sich in Deutschland u.a. durch die Übersetzung der Bücher von Carol K. Anthony sowie als Lektorin zahlreicher Bücher zum I Ging einen Namen gemacht. Als Autorin hat sie an den Büchern I Ging – Das Orakel- und Weisheitsbuch Chinas (1994) und Leben mit dem I Ging (1996),…

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