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Integrated Pharmacology

Combining Modern Pharmacology with Chinese Medicine

  • Verlag: Blue Poppy Press
  • ISBN: 9781891845413
  • 2007, 452 Seiten


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At last, the book on Western drugs that OM students and practitioners have been waiting for. Integrated Pharmacology: Combining Modern Pharmacology with Chinese Medicine, by Dr Greg Sperber, gives you basic information about each common class of Western pharmaceuticals. For each category of drug, Dr Sperber gives us the generic names, pronunciation, and registered proprietary versions, an explanation of function, mechanism of action, dosages for adults, children, and the elderly, possible adverse affects, red flags, and the most up-to-the-minute information on specific drug-drug and drug-herb interactions that may affect your patients. Additionally, the book includes commentary by Bob Flaws on a three-part system for evaluating Western meds using Chinese medical principles and a Chinese medical analysis of each class of drugs using this three-part system. This book has Over 130 illustrations showing the functions and mechanisms of each type of drug as well as a page-by-page glossary of potentially difficult terms throughout the book.


B. Flaws

B. Flaws

Bob Flaws legte das NCCA Diploma in Akupunktur und Chinesischer Arzneimitteltherapie ab und ist Mitglied der National Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Er ist als Autor, Übersetzer und Herausgeber von über 50 Werken zur Chinesischen Medizin bekannt und international als Dozent tätig. Seit 1979 betreibt er eine Praxis für…

Greg Sperber

Greg Sperber

Dr. Sperber is clinical Chairman at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

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