R. Kulenthran

Integrity through Gravity and Tensegrity

Our body, illuminated through Rolfing

  • Verlag: Kiener Verlag
  • ISBN: 9783943324792
  • 2018, 80 Seiten


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This book consists of three essays: on integrityon gravity andon tensegrity.

It is a summary of the substance characterising Rolfing, as well as how the author has understood the supportive potential of Rolfing. There is a natural connecting flow from essay to essay, but each essay may also be appreciated as a standalone piece.

A wonderful introduction to Rolfing!


R. Kulenthran

R. Kulenthran

Scottish by birth, Malaysian by upbringing, and thereafter shaped and moulded by a hodgepodge of educational, cultural and geographical experiences, I find myself in Munich, Germany. It was in Munich that I felt most incubated to evolve my profession – a Rolfing practitioner. ​ In embracing this profession as a student of…

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