Hirohisa Oda

Japanese Pulse Diagnosis and Meridian Acupuncture

  • ISBN: 9780072409529
  • 2003, 80 pages


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This manual describes the original Traditional Acupuncture Theory as it applies to Pulse Diagnosis and Meridian Acupuncture.
The author Hirohisa Oda systematically describes how to take pulses and how to apply that knowledge within the context of the meridians and acupuncture treatment.
This manual is an authentic guide to entering the world of traditional Japanese acupuncture.


Hirohisa Oda

Hirohisa Oda

Hirohisa Oda, Ph.D. Med. L.Ac. grew up with a love for history and medicine. He spent his childhood in Sakai, a very old historical city, known for its production of knives, swords, and matchlocks. For years he has researched and visited places associated with ninja history. He is an expert…

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