Shen De-Hui | Xiu-Fen Wu | Nissi Wang

Manual of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine

diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders in TCM

  • ISBN: 9783939616207
  • 2003, 381 pages


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This is an extensive clinical manual for the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders in TCM, written by Shen De-Hui, Wu Xiu-Fen and Nissi Wang.
It describes patterns, ranking from bacterial, fungal and viral infections to autoimmune and circulatory disorders.
Each formula is listed by English name, formula index, point index and materia medica.
Manual of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine provides the practitioner with the information needed to properly treat skin diseases.
Introductory chapters discuss the history of dermatology in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as aspects of diagnostics, differentiation and treatment that are peculiar to this field.
The remaining 17 chapters provide detailed discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of specific skin conditions, including those most commonly seen in the clinic.
Skin diseases are organized by biomedical categories, which will enable practitioners to easily reference available color atlases of dermatology to aid in diagnosis.
The focus of this book is on treatment, especially herbal, but also acupuncture.
Among its features is a comparision of the advantages and disadvantages of TCM and biomedical treatments for each of the conditions described.

History of Traditional Chinese Dermatology
Bacterial Infections
Viral Infections
Fungal Infections
Spriochete Infections
Dermatoses Caused by Arthropods
Dermatoses Due to Environmental Influences
Inflammatory Reactions
Scaling Disorders
Autoimmune Rheumatologic Skin Disorders
Disorders of the Sweat Glands
Acne & Rosacea
Disorders of Hair
Circulatory Disorders
Disorders of Pigmentation
Disorders of Keratinization
Supplemental Materia Medica
General & Historical References


Nissi Wang

Nissi Wang

Nissi Wang is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, and the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. From 1984-87 Ms.Wang worked as a medical editor at the People’s Medical Publishing House, and then at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences…

Shen De-Hui

Shen De-Hui

Shen De-Hui is a graduate of the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is currently a professor in the Department of Traditional Ophthalmology and a senior staff physician at the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, affiliated with the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese…

Xiu-Fen Wu

Xiu-Fen Wu

Wu Xiu-Fen is a graduate of the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a professor at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she also serves as Director of the International Training Center. Dr. Shen contributed to The Illustrated Dictionary of Chinese Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Diagnosis,…

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