Susan Salvo

Massage Therapy

Principles and Practice

  • Verlag: Elsevier
  • ISBN: 9780323239714
  • 5th ed. 2015, 824 pages


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Covering massage fundamentals, techniques, and anatomy and physiology, Susan Salvo’s Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice, 5th Edition brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘comprehensive.’
This student-friendly text boasts more than 700 illustrations and expanded sections on neuroscience, research, and special populations, plus new line drawings in the kinesiology chapter of origins and insertions that match the painted skeletons found in most classrooms.
It makes the essential principles of massage therapy more approachable and prepares you for success in class, on licensing and board certification exams, and in a wide range of therapeutic practice settings.

Key Features:
Clear, straightforward approach simplifies complex content for easier understanding.
Complete anatomy and physiology section, in addition to material on techniques and foundations, gives you all the information you need in just one book.
Certification Practice Exam on Evolve mimics the major certification exams in format and content, builds confidence, and helps increase pass rates.
Over 700 high-quality illustrations, including line drawings and halftones, clarify difficult concepts in vibrant detail.
Case studies challenge you to think critically and apply your understanding to realistic scenarios, foster open-mindedness, and stimulate dialogue.
Profile boxes provide an inspirational, real-world perspective on massage practice from some of the most respected authorities in massage and bodywork.
Clinical Massage chapter focuses on massage in clinical settings like hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices to broaden your career potential.
Two business chapters loaded with skills to make you more marketable and better prepared for today’s competitive job market.
Video icons refer you to the Evolve site featuring about 120 minutes of video covering techniques, routines, client interaction sequences, and case studies that facilitate the learning process and the practical application of the material.
Evolve icons listed in each chapter encourage you to go beyond the lecture and reading assignments and learn more on the Evolve site.
Evolve boxes at the end of each chapter list Chapter Extras found on Evolve that reinforce concepts learned in the chapter.
The 6th edition is planned for 2019.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Foundations for Practice, Basic and Complementary Methods, and Business Practices
1. History of Massage (Til Luchau and Susan Salvo)
2. Therapeutic Relationships (Megan Lavery and Susan Salvo)
3. Tools of the Trade
4. Self-Care: Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and Stress Reduction
5. Research Literacy (JoEllen Sefton)
6. Effects of Massage Therapy (JoEllen Sefton)
7. Body Mechanics, Client Positioning, and Draping
8. Massage Techniques, Joint Mobilizations, and Stretches
9. Infection Control and Emergency Preparedness
10. Treatment Planning: Intake, Assessment, and Documentation
11. Special Populations and Pregnancy
12. Hydrotherapy and Spa
13. Foot Reflexology
14. Clinical Massage (Susan Salvo, Judith Delany, Alice Sanvito)
15. Seated Massage (Ralph R. Stephens)
16. Energy-Based Bodywork Therapy: Shiatsu and Ayurveda (Richard Gold)
17. Business, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance
Unit 2: Anatomy and Physiology
18. Introduction to the Human Body: Cells, Tissues, and the Body Compass
19. Skeletal System
20. Muscular System
21. Kinesiology
22. Integumentary System
23. Nervous System
24. Endocrine System
25. Reproductive System
26. Cardiovascular System
27. Lymphatic System and Immunity
28. Respiratory System
29. Digestive System
30. Urinary System
Appendix: SOAP Notes
Illustration Credits
Biography Index


Susan  Salvo

Susan Salvo

Susan Salvo is the Co-Owner, Co-Director, and Instructor, Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy, Lake Charles, LA; Veteran Massage Therapist, Lake Charles, LA.