R. Rogers

Mushroom Essences:

Vibrational Healing from the Kingdom Fungi

  • Verlag: Healing Arts Press
  • ISBN: 9781623170455
  • 2013, 65 pages


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In this innovative contribution to the field of energy medicine, experienced mycologist and herbalist Robert Rogers offers an extensive guide to healing a range of physical, emotional, and psychological conditions with mushroom essences.
Similar to flower essences, but made under a lunar cycle, mushroom essences work subtly to bring deep healing to the mind and body,
they are particularly well suited for working with the shadow or unintegrated parts of the psyche.
The book is organized as an easy-to-use alphabetical reference, with entries that outline how to create each essence, indications for usage, and healing effects.
Along the way, Rogers provides enlivening stories of his personal experience using these remedies in clinical practice.
A profound exploration of both the practical and mythopoetic qualities of the mushroom, this is a must-have for anyone interested in plant medicine, mycology, personal healing, or depth psychology.
With a foreword by Willoughby Arevalo.

In this beautiful book, Rogers outlines the ways in which the vibrational medicine of mushrooms can metabolize what we hide in the shadows and help us bring forth the fruit of our own unique essences. Drawing on Rogers’s decades of experience as an herbalist and his encyclopedic knowledge of alchemy, flower essences, and fungal ecology and pharmacology, Mushroom Essences is simultaneously infused with magic and eminently practical: a comprehensive guide to a new form of medicine.
— Sean Donahue, traditional herbalist and faculty member, Pacific Rim College

In Mushroom Essences, Robert Rogers points out how mushroom esssences help us work with our shadow side and deal with the depths of human suffering and despair – something we must come to grips with on a worldwide level.
— Pam Montgomery, author of Partner Earth: A Spiritual Ecology and Plant Spirit Healing – A Guide to working with Plant Consciousness

I love this book.
It is simple, easy to read, and user friendly, with case studies to illustrate the potential impact of each mushroom essence and a ready-to-use repertory. Robert Rogers provides an astute explanation of how each of us not only has a dark side or shadow side but must embrace it, not only for our own healing for for the healing of our planet.
— Sabina Pettit, Dr. TCM, cocreator of Pacific Essences


R. Rogers

R. Rogers

Robert Dale Rogers has been an herbalist for over forty years. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta, where he is an assistant clinical professor in family medicine. He taught plant medicine, including herbology and flower essences, at MacEwan University for ten years, and presently in…