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Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis

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This book is about Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis. This method is based on a powerful system of pulse diagnosis that is deeply rooted in the classics (especially the Mai Jing). It might be also called ‘acupuncturist’s pulse diagnosis’, because it can exactly diagnose imbalances of the channels. When you know this system, the pulse can guide you immediately to a specific acupuncture point that will not only bring balance to the pulse, but also instantly shift the patient’s experience – whether by decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, changing their internal state of consciousness, or bringing about other noticeable shifts. The Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis is based on an understanding of complementary positions also on special correlations of the individual pulse positions. You are able to diagnosie different channel involvements (Extraordinary Vessels, 6-channel) as well as various temporal cycles (ying qi and wei qi cycles) and five-element imbalances.
Dr. William Morris has developed this method and it is a systematic way of integration of classical anatomical approach to pulse taking in combination with channel-based methods of assessment. This system is strongly influenced by the Ding Family system of pulse diagnosis.
For this book it took over 30 years of research of the classical writings. It is how to use this pulse diagnosis and its knowledge in the daily practice. The focus is the assessment of the entirety of channel systems using the diagnosis of the pulse. These methods are based on the author’s interpretation of the Yellow Emperor’s Classic, The Pulse Classic, and the Difficult Classic. This view is contrasted with the organ centric view of the Ding family tradition as taught by Drs Shen and Hammer. In addition to the problems of practice, this book addresses the matter of building knowledge in the clinic, a discipline called clinical epistemology.


William A. Morris

William A. Morris

William R. Morris AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas, USA.

Thomas Richardson

Thomas Richardson

Thomas Richardson is a Licensed Acupuncturist as well as a scholar and teacher of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. He completed a Master of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School, where he researched relationships between Buddhism, Daoism and Chinese medicine, and has been in clinical practice since 2010.

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