M. Callison

Nerve Entrapment Syndromes: Neck and Arm Pain (DVD)

(Jingbu Shoubi Tong)

  • 2016, 2 DVDs, over 5 hours


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This seminar focuses on the differentiation of radicular and non-radicular pain patterns.
Concerning paresthesia in the shoulder and upper extremity it can be difficult to diagnose its source in which a treatment protocol can be developed. This presentation aims to help the participant to assess and treat radicular pain coming from the cervical spine to non-radicular pain patterns – from soft tissue nerve entrapments such as with thoracic outlet syndrome, pronator teres syndrome and many more.

Matt Callison discusses the biomedical cause of the referred pain with an integrated TCM approach to the assessment and treatment of these injuries. Exercise prescription is provided for common postural imbalances that can lead to neck and arm pain patterns. An extraordinary vessel (ba gang) treatment using Pyonex interdermal needles is discussed and demonstrated for enhanced exercise performance.

Dauer Teil 1 part 1: 1:20:27
Dauer Teil 2 part 2: 1:38:13
Dauer Teil 3 part 3: 1:15:15
Dauer Teil 4 part 4: 1:23:30

Deutscher Titel: Nervenkompressionssyndrome: Nacken- und Armschmerzen


M. Callison

M. Callison

Matt Callison’s unique ability to blend Chinese Medicine with Sports Medicine is demonstrated by his excellent reputation. This is particularly evident in his international certification program, Sports Medicine Acupuncture. He has published a clinical study on acupuncture and tibial stress syndromes (shin splints) as well as an article on Sports…

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