Debra Betts

Obstetric Acupuncture (DVD)

  • 2011, 1 DVD, 210 min.


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Get the DVD about the lecture from Betts about Obstetric Acupuncture. By the 3rd Scandinavian TCM congress in 2011. Obstetric acupuncture
Debra Betts will talk about safety issues in the clinical practice, important points to know, difficult cases, research information on obstetrics. You will learn specific acupuncture point and important combinations as well as exception points. She presents a brief video with the use of water cupping and its effects with patients. Find a lot of usefull advices, acupuncture points and combinations for the treatment of pregnant women.

1 DVD, 210 min., english


Debra Betts

Debra Betts

Debra Betts, with a background in neonatal intensive care nursing Debra entered into the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in London, graduating in 1989 from the British College of Acupuncture. Returning to New Zealand she started a private practice promoting acupuncture for women’s health issues, with a focus on teaching…

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