Bartosz Chmielnicki

Pulse Qualities in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis made easy

  • ISBN: 9783943324549
  • 2. ed. 2020, 93 pages


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Learn pulse diagnosis fast an easy

The pulse diagnosis is the most difficult of diagnostic methods in Chinese Medicine, but also the most important.
It is only through much practice and experience to learn. This book shows an overview 28 pulses of Chinese medicine.

Perfect for beginners of pulse diagnosis

In a pleasurable way, the characteristics of the pulses are captured in a unique combination of image and text.
The impressive snake cartoons help to distinguish the pulse qualities at a glance. In addition, each pulse is described in terms of the type of its name, characteristics and causes.


Bartosz Chmielnicki

Bartosz Chmielnicki

Bartosz Chmielnicki ist Arzt und arbeitet seit 2004 mit Akupunktur. Zusammen mit Dr. Michal Richter gründete er ein Zentrum für Naturheilverfahren Compleo and Silesian Academy of Acupuncture Compleo. Er ist Co-Autor des Curriculums für die Grundausbildung in Akupunktur für Ärzte in Polen. Er war Präsident des Silesian Chapter, eines Verbandes…

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