S. Ballegaard

Resume on 28 years of clinical and basic science bridging

(online video)

  • 2011, online video, 60 min.


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Online lecture by Søren Ballegaard about research and background information of different kinds of stress, stress levels and measurement of stress.
He explains two ways of stress and their effects and influences to the brain. He presents some samples of his research from Olympic sailing professionals. He shows biological background information before, during and after performances. He shows ways to measure pressure, the system of polymodal sensory (nerve receptors), explains the measuring areas and the reflection to the brain. He provides several studies and their results how stress can influence the brain and brings interesting examples (i.e. with breast cancer in comparison with healthy people). At the end he presents very interesting results from a research he has done a day before with the participants from the TCM-congress and mentions several risk factors for stress and cancer especially for the group.
Even the presentation is not very much about TCM but as a therapist you will find very interesting information about stress and how it can be measured.

Scandinavian TCM Congress 2011, online video, English, 60 min.


S. Ballegaard

S. Ballegaard

Soeren Ballegaard graduated as a medical doctor at University of Copenhagen. He was head of the acupuncture research project at the National Hospital Denmark and has his own clinic for Medical Acupuncture. Ballegaaard is a member of the New York Academy of Science. His major research interests are inspired by…

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