Zong Wei Yi

Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine

  • Verlag: People Medical Publishing House
  • ISBN: 9787117127264
  • 2010, 577 pages


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Chinese Spinal Orthopedics is a groundbreaking book that effectively integrates our current knowledge of spinal biomechanics with the time-honored theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
This book also serves as the main text for the Advanced Training Program in Chinese Chiropractic Medicine.

Several provocative new theories are also presented here:
1. The Principles of Spinal Circular Motion.
2. The Theory of Spinal Cylinders and Pivots.
3. The Parallelogram Equilibrium of Spinal Contour.
4. Spinal Curvature Formation.

The co-authors are Pan Dong-hua, Wei Chun-de, Wang Xiu-gang, Sun Young-zhang and Gao Teng.


Zong Wei Yi

Zong Wei Yi

Wei Yi-Zong, born in 1946, Executive Chairman and Secretary General, World Chinese Traditional Orthopedics Association.

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