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TCM Formula Study Guide

The Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9783890029405
  • 2000, 360 pages


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Tailored specifically to coach students for the NCCA exam, the California State Board Exam, and similar accreditation examinations, this book is a concise and practical study text on 130 formulas arranged by category (heat-clearing, dampness-dispelling, etc). Each category includes a general introduction to the syndrome (definition, characteristics, etiology, classification, and symptoms) and numerous visually useful tables that provide details of formula differentiation and discrimination by symptom, characteristic, and diagnostic evidence, along with treatment principle. The information on each formula includes the individual herb functions, allowing a quick overview of the formula’s interrelated functions. The accompanying formula comparison charts help clarify treatment aims, as well as differences between similar formulas. Each chapter reviews the formulas in that section with self-exam questions and answers, along with detailed discussions. This study manual also includes symptom differentiation charts that allow easy clinical reference to assist with accurate formula selection. They are based on differentiation according to the zang fu and six-stage syndromes. The final comprehensive exam allows students to self-test their knowledge of the formulas themselves and their clinical applications through formula and case study questions.




Qiao Yi

Qiao Yi

Qiao Yi, M.P.H., L.Ac is a graduate of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1987), and received a Masters degree in Public Health from U.C.L.A. She served as clinical director at both Emperor’s College and SAMRA University, and as Associate Dean and Academic Dean at Yo San University and Emperor’s…