M. Young

The Moon Over Matsushima – Insights Into Moxa and Mugwort

  • ISBN: 9780956633262
  • 2012, 376 pages


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The Moon Over Matsushima begins by unveiling the first relations between acupuncture and moxa, and then shows the nature and biochemistry of mugwort.
The book explains various traditional treatment approaches and later examines their possible mechanisms. A special section provides a essential and extensive list of treatment options for quiet a few disorders. The book proposes extraordinary possibilities for this humble treatment in the current era.


M. Young

M. Young

Merlin Young is an acupuncturist living and working on the edge of the Black Country which was, until recently, the industrial heartland of the UK. Before discovering acupuncture he was in turn: a failed English Literature undergraduate (as a result of reading and enjoying the work, of Kurt Vonnegut Jr…

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