BaGua XinJing-Dai Family XinYi

XinYi BaGua DVD

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781848192423
  • 2014, DVD, 46 min


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In this DVD series Master Zhongxian Wu explores BaGua XinJing, the most secret practice from the legendary DaiShi XinYi Quan, Dai Family XinYi Internal Alchemy and Martial Arts School. Each DVD offers an essential resource that helps practitioners of all levels to deepen their practice, build strength and stamina, explore transformation through internal alchemical processes, and connect with the spiritual root of traditional Chinese mind-body arts.

Filmed mainly on location in a more than 1000 year old Daoist temple in the birthplace of the Dai Family XinYi System, this DVD contains

1. detailed instructions from:
LiuHe XinFa (the Six Unions Heart Method), a high level practice to deepen your understanding of the XinYi system.
BaGua XinJing (Eight Trigrams Heart Mirrors), to connect the heart of all martial arts
2nd full exercise: LiuHe XinFa and BaGua XinJing
3. fighting demonstrations by LiuHe XinFa and BaGua XinJing
4. special features are the explanations of Grandmaster Zhao ShouRong and the 8mm film technique, which brings you into the timelessness of these ancient practices
The running time: 46 minutes



BaGua XinJing-Dai Family XinYi

BaGua XinJing-Dai Family XinYi

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