D. Legge

Close to the Bone, Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorder

3rd. Edition

  • Verlag: Sydney College Press
  • ISBN: 9780957739222
  • 2000, 304 pages


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Close to the bone, treatment of musculoskeletal disorder, in its third edition. This book covers the acupuncture treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Its aim is to enable the acupuncture practitioner to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders from both a Chinese medicine and an anatomical perspective and to combine these insights into an effective treatment. This new edition from Legge is a comprehensive revision. It contains a substantial amount of new material, an increased emphasis on diagnosis and updated treatment recommendations. It is presented in a striking new format that enhances ease of use. At first the book covers TCM physiology, pathology and etiology of musculoskeletal disorders, with TCM diagnosis and treatment modalities and point selections, and includes an exposition of the jingjin, the muscle meridians in Chinese medicine. In the second step it surveys the pathoanatomical framework of the tissues, the muscles, and the skeletal system and their specific disorders and treatment. The third section, the major part of the book, is a regional survey with illustrations of all the particular areas. Each is explained from both Western and TCM viewpoints. All relevant acupuncture points are discussed. The method of examination of the area, and its disorders and their treatment, are described in detail. Legge has been a practicing osteopath and acupuncturist for more than thirty years, specializing in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal disorders. He has taught widely for most of that time.


D. Legge

D. Legge

David Legge ist praktizierender Osteopath und Akupunkteur in Australien und hat sich auf die Therapie muskuloskelettaler Erkrankungen spezialisiert. Er ist ein international gefragter Dozent und Lehrer der Chinesischen Medizin.