John Hamwee

Intuitive Acupuncture

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781848192737
  • 2015, 160 pages


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Intuitive acupuncture is an incisive and wide-ranging exploration of the role of intuition in the effective treatment of patients through acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The author John Hamwee explores theory, clinical experience, and best ways to develop reliable intuition through rigorous interrogation and self reflection.


John Hamwee

John Hamwee

John Hamwee has been a practising acupuncturist for 20 years. He also teaches zero balancing workshops in the US and he is the author of Zero Balancing: Touching the Energy of Bone and Energy Medicine. He previously worked as a Senior Lecturer in Systems at The Open University, UK, for…