Acupuncture Case Histories from China

Edited by Chen Jirui, M.D. and Nissi Wang, M.Sc.

  • ISBN: 9780939616442
  • 1998, 300 pages


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This book marks the first original collection of acupuncture case histories in English.
Included are over one hundred case histories contributed by prominent practitioners of acupuncture in China.
The case histories represent a broad spectrum of disorders for which acupuncture is used in contemporary China.
Each of the case histories provides a thorough discussion of the traditional Chinese diagnosis and syndrome differentiation, together with the points and techniques selected for treatment. The course of therapy is described, and alterations in the diagnosis and treatment regimen are analyzed.
The results of treatment-both favourable and unfavourable-are noted.
An introduction compares and contrasts many of the treatment techniques and types of points used in the cases.