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New acupuncture books and books for traditional Chinese medicine

Ministerial Fire
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Birthing the Tao
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Videos about acupuncture and Chinese medicine (naturmed-tv)

Our naturmed-tv is a collection of over 500 TCM and acupuncture videos about acupuncture points, acupuncture techniques, treatment examples with Chinese herbs and much more. The videos are lectures and workshops at TCM congresses with absolute TCM experts. You can order the entire lectures online or on DVD for a fee. Here three at examples of Bob Flaws on Tibetan medicine, Dr. Volker Scheid on Chinese medicines and Stephen Birch on Shonishin (Japanese child acupuncture).

Books and videos about acupuncture and TCM

Our TCM Video Center is a collection of over 500 videos on acupuncture points, acupuncture techniques, Chinese herbal treatment examples and more. The videos are lectures and workshops at TCM congresses with absolute TCM experts. All lectures can be ordered online for a fee or on DVD. Here are three examples from examples of Bob Flaws on Tibetan Medicine. Jason Robertson and Ju Yi about channel palpation in individual channels and Stephen Birch on Shonishin (Japanese children’s acupuncture). >> Click here to access our TCM-videocenter

The balance method (also famous as Tung-style acupuncture by Sulistyo/Ross and Mccann) and Japanese acupuncture (e.g. by Matsumoto/Euler) are extremely effective for pain acupuncture. There are many special segments like hand, mouth or skull acupuncture. These acupuncture books can be found in the body acupuncture section.

Books for the acupuncture practice

If you are already a TCM-professional, you will also be interested in our TCM video centre. With more than 500 congress videos from renowned experts from the leading international acupuncture and TCM congresses, such as the TCM Congress in Rothenburg, ASA Congress, TCM Congress in Denmark, Tao Congress, SMS Congress and others, you can select your area of interest via your own website ( We regularly include novelties in our program and also point out new publications in your field of expertise in our newsletter.

Books on Chinese Medicine

  • Acupuncture is a branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Other parts are:
  • Herbs (Chinese and Western Herbs)
  • Nutrition (Chinese Dietetics)
  • Manual therapies (Tuina)
  • Qigong and Taiji

You will find fundamental books on all of these topics as well as for daily practice.