Books about physiotherapy and osteopathy

Manual therapists will find everything they need for physiotherapy or osteopathy education and for their practice. For education, you might need books on anatomy, physiology, kinematics, training theory, assessment, massage, electrical-, light- and radiation-therapy. You need to know the muscle function diagnostics, know about trigger points, and learn how to communicate with patients. Here, for example, the guideline communication in the therapeutic everyday life. In many books, you can browse online. You will find here books on different manual therapies like massage, trigger point therapy and also Maitland or other techniques.

In the field of osteopathy, you will also find titles on fascial osteopathy, cranisosacral osteopathy and visceral osteopathy. Because many titles are currently appearing on fascia, we have our own subheading for this. Here we have a large selection of books on the Fascia Distorsions Model (FDM) of Stephen Typaldos. About fascia, we also offer good self-explanatory patient literature – sometimes also fascia in combination with yoga or with instructions on DVD. In the patient area, there are practical guides to the trendy topics blackroll and medical flossing or taping. We regularly add new books to our program and revise our physiobooks. If you see an icon with an open book, you can browse in this book online. If you also want to pursue the alternative practitioner exam, you will find in our category non-medical practitioner books everything a naturopath needs. If you are also interested in manual techniques from different countries than you might find our Tuina and also the Shiatsu section interesting.