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Chinese Medical Obstetrics
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Books for practitioners and laypersons of acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, natural health and manual health

We are specialized in alternative medicine books and videos. For almost 30 years we have been with our publishing house and our medical bookstore Müller & Steinicke in our shop in Munich. Over this time, the fields of homeopathy developed first, followed by acupuncture / traditional Chinese medicine, natural healing and later manual therapies such as physiotherapy and osteopathy. To be able to concentrate completely on alternative medicine, almost 20 years ago, we founded the naturopathic specialist bookstore naturmed, which we have since run alongside our publishing house. Since that time, we also work as a classic shipping bookstore and send our books and videos to customers throughout Europe and the USA.

The long-standing combination of being a publisher and specialized bookstore enables us to advise you professionally. With us you will find literature for patients, non-medical practitioner literature for all continuing faculties of natural medicine. We have been working together with numerous associations of doctors and all kind of naturopaths for decades.