J. Mizutani

Direct moxibustion, a traditional and comfortable style.. (DVD)

of moxibustion (DVD)

  • 2012, 2 DVDs, whole day


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Learn direct moxibustion, a traditional and comfortable style of moxibustion treatment commonly used in Japan.
lecture – Basic knowledge of Japanese moxibustion.
Demonstrate basic techniques of safe, comfortable, direct moxibustion.
Describe the appropriate sequence of Sawada style moxibustion treatment points to benefit the whole body.
Demonstrate whole body treatment.
Demonstrate local moxibustion treatment.

Junji Mizutani at the TCM congress Rothenburg 2012,
2 DVDs, englisch/deutsch.
Deutscher Titel: Direkte Moxibustion, ein traditioneller und komfortabler Stil in der Moxabehandlung.


J. Mizutani

J. Mizutani

Junji Mizutani, born in 1948. 1983: Graduated from Japan Central Acupuncture College and received license to practice acupuncture, moxibustion and shiatsu Moved to Toronto, Canada to further shiatsu training at Kikkawa College. 1984-1986 Taught Oriental Medicine at Kikkawa College. 1989-1992 Served as president of Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario and…