J. Mizutani

Junji Mizutani, born in 1948.
1983: Graduated from Japan Central Acupuncture College and received license to practice acupuncture, moxibustion and shiatsu
Moved to Toronto, Canada to further shiatsu training at Kikkawa College.
1984-1986 Taught Oriental Medicine at Kikkawa College.
1989-1992 Served as president of Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario and promoted shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.
Taught shiatsu and Oriental Medicine at the Shiatsu School of Canada (Both of the above schools are registered as vocational schools by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities).
1992 – current Moved to Vancouver, Canada to promote Oriental Medicine on the West Coast.
Founder and director of North American Journal of Oriental Medicine (NAJOM) with 53 journals published to date. He started private acupuncture, shiatsu and moxibustion practice.
National and international lecturing, education and teaching focused mostly on traditional moxibustion therapy.

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