Spears-J. A.

Meridian Circuit Systems

A Channel Based Approach to Pattern Identification

  • ISBN: 9781453784204
  • 2010, 183 pages


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This book offers a channel-based approach to pattern identification, termed Meridian Circuit Systems by the author, which is identified as a form of syndrome differentiation used independently of other methods or along with conventional forms of pattern identification. It takes as its starting point the identification of 3 meridians that are expressing symptoms, then determines the relationship the affected meridians share with other channels. After the symptomatic meridians and their connecting channels have been established, Meridian Circuit Systems theory aims at identifying a circuit that consists of four interconnected meridians. The author draws from classical sources including the Nei Jing, Shang Han Lun, five-element theory, TCM, and expert clinicians including Master Tung and Dr. Richard Tan.

The author describes and details the five systems at the foundation of Meridian Circuit Systems theory: the paired 3-yin and 3-yang meridians. The zang fu bei tang pairings explicated originally in the Yi Xie Ru Men and the Yi Jin Jin Yi, the internal-external meridian relationships, the horary cycle of the 12 meridians, and proximate meridians on the horary cycle. Imaging, mirroring, and needling techniques, case studies, and zang-fu methods of pattern identification are further resources that are described and that can be incorporated to aid practitioners in realizing greater diagnostic and treatment skills.


Spears-J. A.

Spears-J. A.