N. Currim

Dr. Ahmed Currim, PhD, M.D., Jahrgang 1940, ist ein in Indien gebürtiger Homöopath, der in den USA praktiziert und unterrichtet.
Dr. Ahmed Currim, PhD, M.D., moved from India to the USA where he completed his education: B.S.E. in Engineering Mathematics at the University of Michigan, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan, A.M. in Physics at Harvard University, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado and M.D. at the University of Brussels in Belgium. Dr. Currim has a private medical and homeopathic practice in Norwalk, USA. He trained with some of the most well known Homeopathic physicians: Pierre Schmidt, Guillaume Raoul Lincz, L’Abbe Chabord, Francisco Eizayaga, Philipe Louis, Shielagh Creasy, Louis Klein, Massimo Mangialavori, Jayesh Shah, Rajan Sankaran, Farokh Master, George Vithoulkas, Andre Saine, Jaques Baur, Nancy Herrick and Roger Morrison, Ananda Zaren and the Royal Belgian Homeopathic Society. He still holds, in high revere, his first mentor Dr. James Tyler Kent. He has taught numerous seminars in Materia Medica, Homeopathic Philosophy, and Repertory since 1980 to many groups of medical practitioners including Physicians, Nurses, Naturopaths, etc.

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