Yoshio Manaka

Dr. Yoshio Manaka (1911-1989) died Nov 20 1989 and is one of the most famous therapists of the 20th century in Japan. He developed a very structured and easy-to-use acupuncture system that shows very good clinical results. This system, which Dr. Manaka called “balancing therapy of the yin-yang pathways”, includes unique treatment methods in combination with treatment techniques such as moxibustion, intradermal needles, bleeding of specific points, movement exercises from the “Sotai” ( Japanese healing gymnastics) and much more.

With the octahedron model of the eight extraordinary pathways developed by him, he considerably expanded the knowledge of acupuncture. Based on this model, points are connected with cables that align the bioelectric current inside and restore the balance in the body by activating the extraordinary vessels. The central diagnostic method here is abdominal palpation.

Here too, thin needles are inserted superficially. The treatment is very individually adapted to the needs of the patient.

Artikel von Yoshio Manaka