A. Mendler Shefer

Anat Mendler Shefer, L.Ac M.sc; Education & Qualifications: 1991-1995 A.C.C.H.S Oakland California, USA Master degree in Chinese Medicine & sciences; 1988-1991 Camera Obscura Tel Aviv, Israel Art & Photography; 1987-1988 Hebrew University Jerusalem Anthropology& languages; Courses & continuing Education: 2006-2012 Brigho Yoga/Udi Bilu Teachers program; 2006-2007 Broshim Faculty Stems & Branches; 2004-2006 Broshim Faculty Psychological foundation in Buddhism; 2003-2004 Medicin TCM Academy Chinese Medicine & Gynecology; 1999-2007 TCM Kongress Rothenburg Gyn. & TCM; 1995-1996 N.S.A.A Chinese Medicine& Sport Injuries; Work Experience: since 2010 Moderator of the fertility symposium at the TCM Kongress Rothenburg; since 1997 Private Clinic of Chinese Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel; 1997-2012 Teacher of TCM academy Tel Aviv, Israel; 2005-2012 Creator (& participating lecturer) C.E. (yearly) Course in gynecology and TCM Tel Aviv, Israel; 2007-2009 Member of the Israeli Acup. Committee (in charge of licensing exam for TCM); 2002-2007 Teacher at Academy of Chinese Arts Winterthur, Switzerland; 2000-2002 Research Pain management with Acupuncture before knee Replacement in Ichilov general Hospital Tel Aviv, Israel; 1999-2002 TCM Practitioner in the department of Male Fertility in Ichilov general hospital Tel Aviv, Israel.