Carlo Moiraghi

Carlo Moirahi was a brilliant man of great spirit and soul, a pioneer of medicine with a real passion for Chinese medicine (TCM) in particular.

Carlo Moirahi was the President of the Lombardy Association of Medical Acupuncturists (ALMA) and taught a large number of medical acupuncturists for over 30 years. He has also lectured at various Italian universities and collaborated with ICMART on the related techniques of Tàijíquán and Qìgōng. His publications include translations of Chinese classics and more than a dozen texts on culture and traditional medicine.

Unknown to many, he volunteered with AGOM (Acupuncture in the World), healing the underprivileged in India, Timor Leste, the Philippines and disaster areas. His eyes were always bright, his heart warm and his mind open to all discussions. He will be remembered by the world medical acupuncture community as one of the most generous, dedicated and forward-thinking factors of his time.

Carol Moiraghi passed in 2022.

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