B. Braeckman

Bruno Braeckman, born in 1946, Private acupuncture practice in Ghent since 1979; Chairman BAF, professional association for acupuncture (1984-1996); Editor Tian Dao, professional magazine for Chinese Medicine (1988-1996); Board member EUFOM, professional association for acupuncture since 1996; Guest lecturer Jiangxi College of TCM of Nanchang (2000-2003); Teacher Auriculotherapy and Acupuncture since 1985; Board member Yin Tang, postgraduate Acupuncture Healthcare dept. KHBO (High School of Bruges-Ostend); Author of several articles (Dutch) about Chinese medicine and acupuncture; Acupuncture seminars (Belgium and the Netherlands) about immunity and psychosomatics; Author of The Heart of the Acupuncture.

Articles of B. Braeckman