Handbook of integrative Dermatology

An Evidence-Based Approach

  • ISBN: 9783319178158
  • 2015, 226 Seiten


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This user-friendly reference tool presents clinical scenarios and discusses some practical complementary and alternative therapies available in dermatology. It focuses on peer-reviewed data that are suitable for use in a conventional dermatology practice and helps dermatologists guide their patients when faced with questions regarding integrative dermatology using an evidence-based, reader-friendly, and case-focused approach. Within the field of dermatology, there is a marked void in the understanding of complementary and alternative approaches, though dermatologists frequently use off-label therapies to manage chronic conditions. They do so, however, with a range of success and potentially considerable side effect profiles. Handbook of Integrative Dermatology is a must-have tool for any practicing dermatologist.

“The purpose is to educate dermatologists in alternative/complementary medical therapies for treating various skin disorders. … This book enables us to be a bit more informed about alternative, unconventional approaches to common dermatological diseases and references studies that support/suggest their potential usefulness. If we are better informed, we can help our patients explore treatment options that are perceived as more healthful and well rounded.” (Patricia Wong, Doody’s Book Reviews, January, 2016)