Wei-Chieh Young

Illustrated Tung`s Acupuncture points

  • ISBN: 9781943744084
  • 3th ed 2021, 135 pages


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The book contains more than 200 colour photos of point locations. We created this map to make it easier for the reader to correctly locate Tung’s point.
This title is made to clearly locate of each point – not only in the local position, but also the entire coordinate locations. Use the map to locate the Tung’s Acupuncture point and make the correct puncture.


Wei-Chieh Young

Wei-Chieh Young

Dr. Young Wei-Chieh was born in Qingdao, in Shandong Province, China. He was raised in Taiwan and presently resides in the United States. He earned Ph.D. degrees in philosophy from Beijing University, in medicine from Beijing TCM University, and in oriental medicine from Samra University of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Young…

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