O. Ernst

Oliver Ernst, born in 1968 in Germany. Formation: TCM Expert in Reproductive Medicine (DGRM) (2010-11); Hunyuan Fertility Certification Course (2010-11); Co-Organizer 1st European Hunyuan Medicine Congress (2013) and Co-founder of European Hunyuan Medicine School (2013); International Master Degree TCM with special emphasis on gyneacological problems and infertility CENAC (2005-07); Apprenticeship and personal assistant of Li Ping, the head of TCM department at CENAC (2003-04); TCM licenciate degree (2000-03); Shiatsu Expert. Japan Shiatsu College (1999-2001); numerous national and international seminars and workshops. Professional Experience: Codirector naturISTHAR (2008-13); Collaborator with several IVF and integrative medical clinics in Barcelona: Fertilab, BcnIVF, IVI Barcelona, CIRH Corachan, clínica Omegazeta (2010-13); TCM teacher Chinese Herbology, Chinese Dietetics, and TCM foundations as well as Shiatsu teacher at CENAC and CYTESCUELAMTC (2008-13). Member of DGRM and IFFS; junior deputy of the European SIG TCM, University Bonn.

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