H. E. Foldberg

Hans Erik Foldberg has run his clinic, Foldbergs Akupunktur, for two decades. He has been further educated through several visits to hospitals in China as well as through professors, who have visited the clinic in Roslev. Hans Erik Foldberg has a degree in Chinese Herb Medicine, as well as diplomas in Iris Diagnosis, Auricula Therapy, Personal Growth etc.
Foldberg is the author of two books in the series You Can – The art of life for everybody. He is a skilled and
experienced teacher and lecturer, who focuses on human growth and development. Foldberg has a practical approach in his effort to help his fellow human beings find the road to a healthier and freer life. Hans Erik Foldberg is attached
to the Academy of Acupuncture in Aarhus where he teaches Clinical Practise.

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