J.G. Gilchrist

Dr. James Grant Gilchrist, M. D. war ein amerikanischer Homöopath.
James Grant Gilchrist, M. D. was the third man to receive a permanent appointment in the hooeopathic department of the University of Iowa. He studied medicine under George R. Starkey of Philadelphia, and at the Homoeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania. From 1863 to 1881 demonstrator of anatomy in his alma mater. Professor of surgery at the University of Michigan, 1876 to 1878, and at Detroit, Michigan, where he was chief of staff of the Detroit Homoeopathic Hospital, now Grace Hospital. In 1882 we find him working, without pay, in the department of homoeopathy, as lecturer on the therapeutics of surgical diseases. In the announcement of 1884-85 his name appears as professor of surgical pathology and therapeutics. In the regular announcement of 1885-86 he appears as professor of obstetrics, but in the supplemental of the same year his name appears for the first time as professor of surgery. When the legislative committee of the Hahnemann Medical Association of Iowa went to Iowa City in the spring of 1885 to ask the regents to appoint two new professors, one of surgery and one of obstetrics, they found that Professor Gilchrist had shown such enthusiasm and adaptability in teaching that the regents were ready to appoint him as soon as it was decided that the hooeopathic department was to have a professor of surgery, and that hospital facilities could be provided. It was under his leadership that the same committee helped to organize the hospital association and secure the furniture and equipment necessary to conduct the hospital.

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