F. He

Frank He, L. Ac., Q. M. E. specializes in neuro-musculo-skeletal issues caused by auto, work or sports-related injuries. Frank He, LAc, is the Sports Injury Specialist as well as the treating acupuncturist and founder of the Five Branches Sports Injury Clinic. He is professor and chair of the Acupuncture Department of Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz. He was trained in China at Liaoning University of TCM, and later practiced at the affiliated hospital of the College and Shenyang Neurology Hospital. Prior to his eight years of formal college study, he was taught by his grandfather, an experienced practitioner of TCM. He has taught his sports injury treatments using Muscle Channel Technique to many orthopedic surgeons in Europe. He is currently a Fellow of American Association of Integrative Medicine and Diplomate of the College of Acupuncture and Neuromuscular Therapy. Since his move to the U.S., Frank He has been lecturing in California to licensed acupuncturists and other health care professionals. He is regularly invited to Europe to give advanced lectures on Eye Acupuncture and Pediatric Tuina. Besides his dedication to TCM, He is also a sports enthusiast. He was state champion decathlete for 8 years while studying in college. Frank He loves sports, knows sports and treats sports injuries. He was the team doctor for his college and the University of Physical Education where he did his decathlon training. Co-author of Chinese Special Acupuncture Techniques, Shanghai Scientific & Cultural Publisher.

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