Li Shi Zhen

Li Shi-zhen came from a medical family. In fact, some of the book The Lakeside Master´s Study of the Pulse was written by Li’s father who was the Lakeside Master, not Li. Li was a blend of scholar doctor and collector of folk prescriptions and herbal lore and is primarily remembered today as the author of the Ben Cao Gang Mu (The Detailed Outline of Materia Medica) published posthumously in the late 1570s. Li also was the author of a book on the eight extraordinary vessels.
Li Shizhen, auuch Li Shih-chen oder Li Binhu (1518 -1593) war ein chinesischer Arzt, Gelehrter, Pharmazeut, Botaniker sowie der Verfasser einer umfangreichen medizinisch-pharmazeutischen Enzyklopädie, des Bencao Gangmu – Große Enzyklopädie der Materia Medica.

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