Tony Nevin

Tony Nevin graduated from the European School of Osteopathy Maidstone in 1988. Within a year of being in private practice he was asked if he could treat a horse with a stiff neck. After seeking veterinary advice he found that he could actually help the animal in question. This set about a chain of events that have led him to pioneer the successful application of osteopathic treatment to over 300 different species and breeds of domestic and wild creatures, working through fur, hair, feathers, and scales to assist his various patients in their recovery from injury, or poor health. Based in the UK his work has taken him to various parts of the globe both treating and teaching. A popular workshop he runs is based in Northern Thailand where he introduces others to the fascinating prospect of treating elephants. Nevin is passionate about the professional growth and acceptance of this branch of osteopathic medicine, and is currently the course director on the only MSc programme which allows postgraduate osteopaths to study this fascinating subject. So far the course has seen every student graduate under his guidance. Apart from the exotic locations he runs several equine and small animal clinics in the UK, where he has a particular interest in the chronic long standing problems that so often plague horses and dogs. Working within veterinary clinics and hospitals has allowed him to integrate osteopathic medicine with standard veterinary practice, often achieving remarkable results. He is a co-author on a ground breaking equine paper that was published in a peer reviewed veterinary journal, and has had several other minor papers published covering his elephant, wildlife, and avian work.

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