M. Qiang

Dr. Qiang Miao, born in 1942, graduated in 1965 from the Thermo-Physics Department of Tianjin BEIYANG University. After several engagements with the National Science & Technology Commission, the Physics Institute and the Space Science & Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), he founded a company for the development of medical devices. In 1991 he established the THK High-Tec Corporation in Cologne, Germany. His interest in the theory of the meridian arose when he came into contact with TCM in the late Eighties. He was appointed a TCM Guest Professor in China in 2002. Six years later, he set up the Eifel TCM Clinic and founded the Cosmos-Physiology Laboratory. In 2008 he was appointed Engineering/Physics Professor by the Culture Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. Recently, he has dedicated himself to TCM and meridian research.

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