E. Ryokyu

Ryokyu Endo is chief priest of the Wadaji Temple of the Jodo Sect in Japan and the founder of Tao shiatsu and Ki Shin Do (the Way of Ki and Heart). Born in Tokyo he lived in New York City as a child. After moving back to Japan in his teens, he joined a band and ended up leaving high school to focus on his music. It was during this time that he discovered and immersed himself in the study of Buddhism and Shiatsu. He graduated from the Japanese Shiatsu School of Namikoshi and studied with master Shizuto Masunaga in 1979. The concentrative practice of Nembutsu Buddhist chanting brought Mr. Endo to the world of non-duality (oneness of subject and object), allowing him to see Ki and thereby recognize, diagnose and treat meridians. As a result, he was able to effectively treat most symptoms in just a few minutes, exactly as Masunaga sensei had done. Through Nembutsu chanting, his black belt Aikido practice, and a deep wish to remove the most complex and deep symptoms, he developed a new meridian system and revolutionary Ki method which he named Tao Shiatsu. For over thirty years Mr. Endo has been teaching Tao Shiatsu, Ki Shin Do and Nembutsu across the globe. Mr. Endo has published eight books on Tao Shiatsu which have been translated into six languages. As a musician, he has released five solo albums from MIDI Records to international acclaim. His latest album AMIRITA, was recorded with his band LAMANI. They also tour worldwide.

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