K. Sabernig

Dr. Katharina Sabernig, Jahrgang 1971, 2008 Doctor of Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna; 2005 Degree in ethnomedicine (MA) from the University of Vienna, passed with distinction. Education according to the Austria Shiatsu-Federation/ Österreichischer Dachverband für Shiatsu: qualified teacher for Shiatsu and qualified practitioner. Course in acupuncture and moxibustion (theoretical and clinical) at the China Beijing International Training Centre. Various visits to study Tibetan Medicine in Kumbum Monastery, Qinhai Province and Labrang Monastery, Gansu Province in China, also short research trips to Mongolia and Buryatia in Russia. 2002-2006: President of the Austria Shiatsu-Federation and member in the advisary borad of Austrian federation for TCM and related health systems (DVTCM) for curricula in manual therapies and quality assurance.

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