D. Tabrett

Dion Tabrett MCH BSc(hons) MSc studied at the London College of Homoeopathy. He continued studying with the Open University and graduated with a BSc in Natural Sciences and an MSc in Science. Both of these degrees focused on human anatomy, physiology, pathology and molecular biology.
Dion Tabrett has run successful practices in Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, London and now practises in Bristol. He initially began his teaching career at the London College of Homeopathy in 1994 and has gone on to teach at colleges in Bristol, London, Wales, Taunton, Dublin and Cork, with his easygoing and approachable style. He works closely with Mike Bridger at the Contemporary college of Homeopathy in Bristol, where they both run the college clinic together. They both co-founded and run the Orion Post-Graduate course, which is one of the longest running and most successful post graduate courses in the UK.
Practitioner of the martial arts kenjutsu and karate. His partner Elly Tabrett is also a homoeopath.

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