H.-G. Tiselius

Prof. Hans-Göran Tiseliusis a Professor of urology.1972 M.D. and 1974 Ph.D.; 1977 Specialist certificate in general surgery and in urology. Presently professor emeritus at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. (Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology). 1986-1991 Chief surgeon, Stone unit, Department of Urology, University Hospital, Linköping; 1992-1998 Professor of urology in Linköping; 1999-2010 Professor of urology in Stockholm. 1984 The Fernström award to young scientists and Curt Engelhorn Award. 2011 Chief consultant Stone Clinic Nanjing University. 1982-1987 Secretary/chairman of Scandinavian Association of Urology subgroup for renal stones. 1989-1992 Managing Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology; 1997-2009. Chairman of the EAU Health Care Office Working Party on Urolithiasis; Chairman of the EAU-group of the guideline project between EAU and AUA. 1996
Member of the steering committee of the International Society of Urolithiasis Associate Editor of Urological Research. Member of the Swedish Association of Urology (honorary), Scandinavian Association of Urology, European Association of Urology (honorary), American Urological Association, Societé International Urologie, Endourological Society. Member of the Advisory Board of Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, Turkish Journal of Urology and Urologia Internationalis. 1993-1997 Member of the Advisory Board of European Symposium on Urolithiasis. 2009 First Consultation on Stone Disease, and of Ureteral stone group Second Consultation on Stone Disease.

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