Nadja Volf

Dr. Nadja Volf, MD, PhD, is a professor, neuropharmacologist, and renowned acupuncturist, creator of the Auricular Causative Diagnostic method, resulting from 35 years of research and practice. She is founder and director of the Scientifi c Acupuncture Department at Paris Sud University, and an invited professor at Harvard Medical School. A member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA), Dr. Volf has also given lectures at George Washington University, and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Volf is the author of several books, translated into twelve languages, as well as a number of articles published in scientific journals. Her books include J`ai choisi la liberté (2006), Être jeune à tout age (2009), Chacun sa nature (2011), and the Joël Robuchon cookbook Food & Life (Assouline, 2014).

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