Xu Yihou

Professor Xu Yihou graduated in June 1963 from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor of Medicine degree. He then began work as a doctor in the Dermatology Department of Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During his years at the hospital, he specialized in the treatment of skin diseases, subsequently being appointed Deputy Chief Doctor of the department before assuming his present position of Chief Doctor and Professor. Professor Xu is a supervisor of Ph.D. students and has been named by the Chinese government as one of 500 national TCM doctors. He is currently working by invitation at the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Center in the IACH Hong Kong Baptist University as Professor and Chief Doctor in research and clinical practice. Professor Xu has accumulated 39 years of clinical experience in the treatment of skin disorders and thanks to this wealth of experience, he has published a number of books and dozens of articles in national and international journals.

Artikel von Xu Yihou