Edward Chiu

Writing Acupuncture Case Reports

Theory and Practice

  • ISBN: 9781735958309
  • 2022, 255 pages


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Writing Acupuncture Case Reports: Theory and Practice discusses the importance of writing acupuncture case reports for education, research, and practice. This book not only provides step-by-step instructions for writing a rigorous case report, but also outlines the benefits of case reports beyond simply recording unusual clinical situations or warnings of adverse effects.

This book includes discussions on:

  • The history and reasons why case reports are written.
  • Why case reports are particularly useful for traditional acupuncture
  • The role of case reports in evidence-based medicine
  • How integrative case reports can be a model for clinical practice
  • How to select a patient from your practice for a meaningful case report
  • How to submit your case report for publication

Writing Acupuncture Case Reports: Theory and Practice shows how case reports can be used to individualize effective treatment based on traditional theories, demonstrate a particular acupuncture approach, or illustrate opportunities for collaboration in integrative practice. A close examination of case reports reveals them to be an overlooked but valuable source of evidence for patient-centered treatment that can significantly advance acupuncture practice.


Edward Chiu

Edward Chiu

Edward Chiu, LAc. DAOM is a member of the faculty of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Education of acupuncture in US and Taiwan. Worked as an acupuncturist in clinical research and works in his own clinic for over 20 years

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