A. Tiberi

Alex Tiberi studied, as one of the early pioneers of Oriental Medicine in the United States, acupuncture at the Oriental Medical Institute in Boulder, Colorado, the Institute for Acupuncture Studies in Cambridge, and Northeastern School of Acupuncture in Watertown, Massachusetts. He apprenticed with Dr. Suh, a master Korean acupuncturist in Belmont, Massachusetts. Alex Tiberi is an accomplished teacher and international lecturer of a wide variety of acupuncture styles including Korean Constitutional, Japanese Energetics, and Five Elements, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In additional to teaching several classes at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Tiberi is the Chair of the Department of Oriental Medicine and Vice-President of the Board at Pacific College. In his private practice, he specializes in treatment during pregnancy, pediatrics and orthopedics. Alex Tiberi practices and encourages his students and fellow practitioners at PCOH to practice Oriental medicine as an art, where culture, style, expertise and individual expression come through in treatment. He instills in his patients a sense that they are okay in the world and the confidence that they are in capable hands. According to Tiberi, health is freedom, and he is utterly committed to creating liberating wellness for all people. He values the diversity of patients in his practice and he enjoys traveling, learning and teaching.

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