Frequently asked questions to the TCM-Videocenter

FAQ / General questions about the operation and technology

Here you can find questions and answers, as well as assistance for the use of this site and the payment of our TCM videos. Should still be one or the other question remains unanswered, please call us directly: naturmed: Tel : +49-(0) 89-7499156, 9am to 5 pm CET (central Europe).

What is the naturmed Video Center?

naturmed Video Center is a collection of lectures by prominent experts of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Before you pay the video you have to select if you want to receive the video on DVD (sent by post) or use it immediately after payment by getting an automatic online access link (streaming). All you have to have is an internet access for the time viewing the video. Then you can watch the video as many times as you like and wherever you are. naturmed Video Center is not a movie rental, but only sells them. The rights of producers and presenters are respected.

For whom the videos are intended?

The target group for this TCM videos are therapists, and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbal medicine, nutritionist, Qigong / Taiji), as well as of Japanese and Korean medicine or manual therapies. Important note: It is strongly advised not to use these videos without proper professional advisory or education as a basis for the treatment of people.

How can I embed a video (DVD or online access) to order / buy ?

First you pick out a movie.
This is done via the search (top right of home page) or click on one of the subject areas in the left navigation pane. Now click on the desired title or the cover of the film. It appears a detail page of the movie with additional information, such as duration, year, language, etc. “Play Demo” Click on the window below you can view a trailer of this film for up to 5 minutes for free. After that, the trailer will stop automatically. If you like to purchase the movie, you can
a) purchase online access (streaming mode) (see also next point) or
b) buy the DVD. This will then be sent to you by mail.

Click to purchase the film in the detail view of the desired videos on the respective red button (for online access or send for DVD). A new window opens. Here you can place the desired movie “Add to cart”. You will then be asked if you want to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Now you need to register if you are not already a customer of naturmed. Now even confirm the terms and conditions and determine the method of payment. You get a few minutes later an email with the order confirmation. Have you ordered a DVD then it will be shipped within the next business days as soon as possible to you. If you ordered online access, you will receive an activation link, which enables you to watch the video immediately.

What does “buy online access”?

Online access allows you to view the video immediately. For this you will get an activation link. For security reasons you need to log in again on the videocenter website with your email address and password in the upper right corner. Click on the video to start. You can view your videos as often as you like. Under “My Courses” you can find all your videos that you have purchased. After 5 years we will come back to you if you want to continue watching the videos.

What is the advantage of being able to watch the videos online instead on DVD?

The time of today’s therapists is limited. We want to give you the opportunity to view the video at any time day or night immediately after your purchase immediately, no matter where you are (if you will have a Internet access).
The benefits of online vision vs a DVD are: you have all your movies available anywhere, they can not get lost or damaged and you will also save yourself the postage and the time for sending.

How can I pay ?

We accept direct debit, Paypal and credit card. With prepayment you receive the invoice in advance by e -mail or post and after payment the delivery of the DVD or the access key.

How can I see the trailer of the video (Demo)?

You choose a desired video and click 1 x on the title. Then a new window appears with some information about the film and including a window to play the trailer (free preview). Click on the circle in the middle of the window and the demo video begins to start. You can watch the trailer as many times as you like. This trailer is terminated after approximately 3-5 minutes. To purchase the video, click on one of the two red boxes to the left of the trailer screen, depending if you want the video on DVD or online viewing.

What devices can I watch my movies?

naturmed Videocenter works with all commercially available PCs, laptops (Windows or Mac), tablets (eg ipad) or video-enabled mobile phones (smartphones) as long as you have access to the internet.

What should I do if there are technical problems?

On the main page of the naturmed videocenter you can find on the top center two phone numbers where you can contact us or our technical advisors during our opening hours.

How many videos does the naturmed videocenter contains?

Currently there are about 300 films ( DVDs and Streaming / Online View ) available. However the number will increase as we are continually adding new videos.

Can I download the video to my hard drive ?

No. For legal reasons, you can not download the videos.

How can I search a video?

Searching for videos in the naturmed videocenter is easy. Just enter a term (English or German), a speaker, a topic or congress venue in the search box and click in the result on the title of the film.

Can I watch the videos immediately?

Yes. Using the “Online Access” you will automatically receive an immediate activation link after payment. With this, you can after your registration immediately watch the video – whether on weekends or public holidays – whenever you want.

Can I watch the online video also with other devices and do I have to pay extra for it?

You can use your registration link with all different devices as often as you want and have paid for it only 1x .

Can I use the video for training purposes and show it a number of people?

You have purchased the video and thus you can decide who can view the video with you.

Is there an overview of all the videos?

You will find an overview of all the videos on the entry page on the right hand side of the screen.

Can I watch videos even without internet connection?

No. In order to access the videocenter of naturmed, you need an Internet connection.

When is the right for online reputation?

The right for your online access expires after 5 years. After 5 years we ask you if you want to keep the video. There is no further payment needed.

Do I have a right to return?

Videos (online Access or DVD) are excluded from return and exchange.

Is it possible to borrow the video?

No, videos are only available for purchase.

What do I need in technology to view my video?

For the online version you need an Internet connection and a web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera). You can view the videos on PCs (Windows or Mac) and different mobile devices.

Operational issues

What do I have to do to view a free video?

To watch free movies online, you need to do is register at naturmed videocenter, of course for free and without obligation. After your registration you can immediately browse the free services of our videocenter. Free videos can not be ordered on DVD. This is a limited time offer.